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Tips for Understanding Human Psychology

Many people believe that understanding human psychology is a complex process. It is a fact that different human beings think and act differently but when you dig deeper, you can identify a common pattern in a certain group of people. Eminent psychologists have conducted a wide range of studies about the basic factors that influence human psychology and they have managed to unveil many secrets of human psychology for common people. Here are the most important tips for understanding human psychology:

Human Psychology

1) Learn six human needs that drive all human behavior

It does not matter; whatever emotion you are after; you have to understand the six human needs that drive all human behavior and they include certainty/comfort, uncertainty/variety, growth, love/connection, contribution and significance as well. Certainty or comfort can be described as an assurance that you can eliminate pain and gain pleasure and, uncertainty or variety is the need for the unknown change and new stimuli. Significance refers to feeling important, needed, unique or special and, love or connection is a powerful feeling of closeness. Growth can be described as an extension of capability, understanding or capacity and as the name suggests itself, contribution is a sense of service and focus on supporting, giving or helping others. When you create better understanding about these basic human needs, you can understand human psychology better and you can also develop new patterns that lead to improved clarity and understanding about the thought process of others.

2) Learn the concept of reciprocity

The concept of reciprocity can be described as very simple. If you do something for another person, he/she will want to do something for you. Marketing or business professionals make use of this concept to win the hearts of their customers and the most common examples are giving away branded mugs and free 30-day trials. Even a simple handwritten note can go a long way in establishing reciprocity and when you learn theory of reciprocity, understanding human psychology becomes a less complicated process.

3) Understand the different perspectives in psychology

Human psychology needs to be assessed by taking different perspectives into consideration and they include biological perspective, cognitive perspective, behavioral perspective, evolutionary perspective, humanistic perspective and the psychodynamic perspective as well. All these perspectives focus on different aspects of psychology and if you want to understand the human psychology better, you need to create better awareness about these different perspectives.

4) Learn the art of storytelling

Human beings always tell stories to each other. It can be a cave drawing, latest Hollywood film or a Shakespearean play; they all can be described as different ways of storytelling and these stories are not optional but they are essential. The story telling is embedded in the human brain itself and stories activate the parts of the brain that are associated with your senses like sound, taste, movement and sight. They light up the emotional brains to influence your decision making process in the best possible manner. When you master the art of storytelling, you can understand human psychology in a better way.


It can be said without an iota of doubt that these tips for understanding human psychology always help you develop better idea about the thought process of others and quite naturally, influencing their decisions becomes a less complicated process.